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5 tricks to eliminate the brightness of your face

That the skin of your face is radiant and enlightened is one thing, let it shine, it is another. While the first gives a healthy and hygienic appearance to your skin, excessive luster is not flattering and shows a dirty skin, fat and excess sebum. Each person has a different type of skin and some are prone to have oily skin, others suffer hormonal problems, stress situations or do not feed properly causing disorders in the same. 

We are going to give you 5 tricks with which you are going to improve the appearance of your skin safely and manage to control fatty skin to show that face clean and radiant so much you desire:

  1. Daily Cleaning. Learn to clean your face every day by following a proper facial cleaning routine. In another publication in our blog we tell you how to clean the face daily in a correct way.
  2. Eye on the makeup. Use makeup that does not add oils and shines to your skin, and if you live in areas with temperate climates or in summer, avoid using a lot of makeup as it ended up looking like a mask. You can use illuminators in temples, cheekbones and chin and it seems that the rays of the sun affect your face.
  3. The anti-glare wipes. They are wipes that you can buy in drugstores, cosmetics centers, and even in supermarkets, and at a very affordable price. Ideal for carrying them in the bag are manufactured from a blotting fabric and are used to absorb excess fat with a single movement and keep you free of shines.
  4. Exfoliate your skin. Do it once a week the first month and then every fortnight as you might end up Irritándola. Uses homemade natural scrubs such as rice pasta, mud masks, clay… or let them advise you on a market product that suits your skin type. In your usual cosmetic center will be able to advise you which one suits you, but it is important that it is moisturizing and not fatty.
  5. Take care of your food. Stressful situations are difficult to avoid, hormonal changes also, but food depends entirely on you, and there are no excuses in this field. Avoid excess fat in food, alcohol and hot meats.

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