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Touch diseases, the most common and what causes them

The body is incredibly intelligent, reacting to those agents who cause damage or hurt it. We are all endowed with five senses that make us live with greater slackness. The sight, the smell, the taste, the touch and the heard, are part of the man to decode the information, touch the objects that surround him […]

Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Symptoms and Treatment

Surely you have heard of this disease at least once in your life, and it is because there are many people who are suffering from this horrible disease, which has claimed the lives of thousands of people around the world. It is very important to be informed about what to do if you have Human […]

Myths and Realities of Breast Milk

All the women who became first-time moms or who are planning to have a bud in a short period of time have ever wondered the myths and realities of breast milk. No more! let us clear together all the doubts that revolve around this stage so important for both women and babies. The breastfeeding stage […]

La nutrición insuficiente del feto favorece las enfermedades cardiovasculares

Un trabajo dirigido por investigadores de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) revela que una nutrición insuficiente en la etapa fetal “predispone” el desarrollo de enfermedades cardiovasculares, a través de alteraciones en el desarrollo de órganos y la expresión de genes. Los resultados del estudio, en el que han participado investigadores de la Queen Mary […]

Retiran en España crema para varices defectuosa
Retiran en España crema para varices defectuosa

La Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios ordenó retirar del mercado de todas las unidades distribuidas del lote N03, con fecha de caducidad julio de 2021, de la crema Tromboben 1 mg/g, en tubo de 60 gramos, y devolución al laboratorio debido a un defecto con el principio activo: el pentosano polisulfato de sodio […]

5 tricks to eliminate the brightness of your face

That the skin of your face is radiant and enlightened is one thing, let it shine, it is another. While the first gives a healthy and hygienic appearance to your skin, excessive luster is not flattering and shows a dirty skin, fat and excess sebum. Each person has a different type of skin and some […]

The 5 great myths about Acne

As you know, we take care of your face sometimes we like to demystify some popular beliefs that are totally false, but because of their social roots, to go from Word to ear during the passage of time, are taken as true. Today we shot down 5 great myths about acne. Sunbathing removes acne. Totally lie, sunbathing […]

Breast Augmentation

Description Generalthe Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation, is a surgery that is performed to increase breast size. It involves placing breast implants under the mammary tissue or the chest muscles. For some women, breast augmentation is a way to improve their confidence. For others, it is part of the breast reconstruction due to several […]

The ERCP asks patients to ensure the degree of plastic surgeons

The specialists remember that there is only one official title and homologated in Spain with the name of "specialist doctor in plastic, aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery" A minimum of twelve years of training is the one received by professionals who obtain the title of "specialist doctor in plastic, aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery". These are summarized […]

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