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The 5 great myths about Acne

As you know, we take care of your face sometimes we like to demystify some popular beliefs that are totally false, but because of their social roots, to go from Word to ear during the passage of time, are taken as true. Today we shot down 5 great myths about acne. 
Sunbathing removes acne. Totally lie, sunbathing on the beach does not help your skin at all in this case, it can even have a negative effect as it can dry it, irritate it and leave it worse for the future causing greater appearance of acne. It has not been shown at all that this belief has any basis. 

Chocolate causes acne. A food never causes acne, if it aggravates it, this occurs in certain types of products that we discussed in another article in this blogThe most damaging foods for acne are dairy, sugar, salt and fat. That's why chocolate by having milk in most types and also sugar aggravates the situation, but does not provoke. 

Makeup makes acne worse. This is a half-truth, but the fundamental thing is that you have to go very carefully with the type of makeup you use, as some cover the pores of your skin aggravating also acne. Instead there are some bases that contain salicylic acid or peroxide benzoyl that what they do is help prevent it. You must consult with the trade where you acquire the cosmetics and that they advise you which you can use. 

Acne is a teenage thing. Do not think that once you've spent adolescence you've gotten rid of acne, because although the vast majority of those who suffer are in that age range statistics do not lie. 25% of women between 25 and 40 years of age demonstrate this problem, and even 5% that exceeds 40 years. If you have not suffered, do not think that you have been freed forever, but hopefully so. 
Bursting grains helps remove them. Look out! This do not do, do not even think about it, because as you tighten, you pick and burst the grains, more chances are that your skin is infected, also cause redness and scars that can last a lifetime. Do you really want to have a face marked forever? 

Fortunately, for those people who have suffered acne and his face has been marked, we have a series of novel facial Treatments in FC Facial CLINIQUE, as are the peelings, with which your skin can recover its old appearance and eliminate or decrease those marks in Far. If you are one of those people, call us and ask for your free medical consultation so we can help you. 

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